How to Use

Mix N Clean is easy for anyone to us. If you can operate a variable speed drill, you can use Mix N Clean. Simply put Mix N Clean in your drill motor (3/8 chuck or bigger) and you are ready for mixing paint or cleaning rollers.

For mixing paint, put it down the center of the bucket and start out slow. Keep it centered and you shouldn't have any kind of problem. Speed up the drill until the paint is churning in the can. Mix until paint is uniform in appearance. Do not exceed 1000 RPM.

For cleaning rollers, first soak the roller in water (water base paints). With Mix N Clean already in the drill, slide Mix N Clean into the roller. Inside the bucket, shoot a stream of water into the knap of the roller and turn the drill on. In seconds, your roller is clean.

For solvent base paints, dip in solvent and spin until clean.

As a can opener, lip cleaner, stir stick and spatula, it is very straight forward to use.

What type of drill should be used with Mix N Clean?
A variable speed drill with a 3/8 chuck or larger is required. The shaft on Mix N Clean is a stout 3/8 rod made to handle tough mixing conditions. A variable speed drill allows you to control the mix speed to eliminate spatter and get the best mixing. For safety reasons. Do not exceed 1000 RPM.

You would spend several times the cost of Mix N Clean and still not get the same performance as Mix N Clean. Even more important, you would have 6 separate tools to store and carry around. As a professional painter, I designed Mix N Clean for my own use. Performance and convenience were critical to me. Because of this you can get one of the most innovative and durable painting tools to come to market in over a generation.


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