Product Tests

Mix-N-Clean beats the competition!!

How does Mix-N-Clean stack up against the competition? Well we certainly wanted to know. We tested Mix-N-Clean for not just mixing speed, but for 4 other key measurements. Read the test results below and you will understand why we say that Mix-N-Clean is the best mixer on the market. Not only that, Mix-N-Clean is the only 6 in one painting tool designed for the professional to be used by all.



1 Gal Mixer

5 Gal Mixer

1 Gal

Hyde Bronco
5 Gal

5 Gal

5 Gal

Vermont American
1 Gal

Main Stay
1 Gal

1 Gal Mix Time

13 sec

14.75 sec

32.75 sec

17 sec

17 sec

18.6 sec

58 sec

97 sec

5 Gal Mix Time

46 sec

60 sec

74 sec

54 sec

105 sec

Drag Out

.73 oz.

4.8 oz

10.67 oz

1.5 oz

3.6 oz

4.7 oz

1.4 oz

.16 oz

.30 oz

Drain Time

1 min 26 sec

5min 39sec

2min 41sec

3min 16sec

4min 8sec

2 min 4 sec

60 sec

40 sec

Clean Up

16 sec

40 sec

32 sec

22 sec

24 sec

22 sec

8 sec

13 sec


No Fail

11 min

15 min

1 min 10 sec

30 min

10 min

No Fail

No Fail

Mix Times
Tests were run on 1 gallon and 5 gallon containers of paint. This is the time it takes to mix 1” of clear liquid completely into the paint at 1200 rpm. Three tests were run on each mixer and the average time was recorded. The paint used came from my own supply as well as several pallets of old paint from one of my suppliers. All tests were run on old unmixed paints. Only 5gallon mixers were tested on 5 gallon containers of paint.

Drag Over
This is a measure of how easy it is to clean up the mixer. The more paint that a mixer holds onto, the more difficult it is to clean-up. All tests were out of the same can of Kelly Moore Interior/Exterior Duro Poxy. The mixer was weighed before and after. A 5 second drain time was allowed and each mixer was tested 3 times. The average paint weight in ounces was recorded for each.

Drain Time
This is a measure of how long you need to wait before most of the paint drains off the mixer. All tests were out of the same can of Kelly Moore Interior/Exterior Duro Poxy. We dunked the mixer into the paint for 60 seconds and then raised it up out of the paint and then recorded the time until there were 5 seconds between drips. As always, we tested each 3 times and recorded the average time.

Clean-up Time
This is a very important consideration. Although mix time is extremely important… how long will it take you to clean up the mixer after the mixing is done. We measured clean-up time after a 5 second drain time. All tests were out of the same can of Kelly Moore Interior/Exterior Duro Poxy. We cleaned each mixer in a bucket of water at 1200 RPM forward and reverse as fast as possible and finish cleaning by hand in same water.

How well will a mixer hold up to really tough duty? Well, we put these mixers through a really tough test. We used a large bucket of #30 sandblasting sand and a really heavy duty drill press. We set the speed to 780 RPM and sat back and watched carefully. We tested to 3 hours. Only 3 mixers survived the 3 hours of this. Yes, Mix-N-Clean was one of the three.


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