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Whitney Innovations was founded in early 2004 by Mike Whitney. Mike is a professional painter and inventor. With a passion for excellence and always looking for a better way, Mike developed Mix-N-Clean originally for his own use. Mike used it, improved it and finally with the urging of his friends and clients patented his ideas and has brought it to market.

Here is Mike's story in his own words:

I have been a professional painter for over 12 years. I have seen and used almost every painting gadget ever thought of. Many of them just donít work very well. I developed Mix-N-Clean to be superior to anything else out there. Mix-N-Clean isnít just a multipurpose tool. It works better than the completionís single us products. I originally designed this to make my job easier and it works better than any of the competition. This is a 6 in 1 painting tool

I am an inventor by nature, always trying to come up with something better. Mix-N-Clean started as a better roller cleaner. It worked great. Next I needed a better mixer than what was available. I figured how to do both in one tool. Then I didnít want to carry around a bunch of other tools, so I kept adding to it. When others saw my invention, they quickly encouraged me to take it to market. That is why I am here telling you about Mix-N-Clean.

  1. Paint Mixer
  2. Roller Cleaner
  3. Spatula
  4. Can Opener
  5. Lip Cleaner
  6. Paint Stirrer

In addition to mixing paint, Mix-N-Clean is an excellent drywall mud mixer and with its all metal construction, extremely durable. It is durable enough to mix mortar or Thin Set.

You can take advantage of Mike's years of work in the most innovative and useful painting tool in years.

Email us for the location of a dealer in your area.info@whitneyinnovations.com


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